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Park Logic has been established to provide professional domain owners with an advanced domain management and optimisation platform. ParkLogic approaches domains as valuable asset that need to be managed like any valuable security. To this end the ParkLogic platform has developed upon the architecture that is widely regarded as the most sophisticated and reliable development platform in the world and has currently been adopted by many of the Fortune 500 as the web services technology of choice.

Founders of ParkLogic

Michael Gilmour
ParkLogic founder - Michael GilmourBorn in Melbourne, Australia Michael has been working in the BBS and Internet industry for the past 20 years. He has worked with the Australian Institute of Management and other organizations to present highly successful seminars in creativity, management and Internet marketing both in Australia and overseas.

While completing his MBA he founded a successful ISP and later raised several million dollars in venture capital to develop an innovative marketing technology. Michael then accepted an invitation to speak on the new technology at the “World Marketing Conference” in Bangkok.

For the last 6 years Michael served as a director of the Australian Internet Industry Association, the last two of which he was the vice-chairman. He contributed to forming policies relating the Internet including; privacy, cyber-crime, copyright and chaired the committee for online advertising standards.

Michael has developed an extensive portfolio of domains and diligently analyzes statistics to maximize their revenue. Most importantly, he loves the flexibility that working with domains provide so that he can spend more time with his wife and three children.

David Gibbs
DG_photograph_100wideDavid has spent much of his career at the intersection of technology and business.

Following 5 years with Honeywell Control Systems on the Project Management and then Sales side in Australia, David moved to the UK for further studies and then joined McKinsey & Company where he 11 years working across Europe, North America and Asia in a combination of the telecommunications and financial services sectors.

In 1996 David left McKinsey & Company to pursue initiatives in the emerging online space.  After exploring a number of potential vertical markets David founded  eChoice started as a joint venture with a US participant in the online lending space, but quickly became an independent entity focused on making mortgage sales work online.  eChoice is now Australia's leading online mortgage broker and the lessons on how to initiate and close 'sales' for complex products across a mix of online, contact centre and face-to-face interactions form the basis David’s recent venture dSales Pty Ltd..