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ParkLogic Managed SolutionsOptimising the content of a monetisation solution involves both a combination of sophisticated systems and a highly trained staff. The ParkLogic system tracks all changes made to any monetisation solution (eg. keywords, foreign language changes, graphics etc) and then routes the traffic to test how successful a change made to a page has been to the bottom line. The amount of traffic routed is calculated via complex algorithms in order to reduce the level of revenue leakage during a test phase.

Over the last 5 years ParkLogic has developed highly advanced keywording engines that combine with a database of keyword payout values that have been tracked over the years. These systems are brought together with a focused discipline that is used to manage a professional domain owner's assets.

ParkLogic has a reputation for providing no nonsense domain management solutions that are backed up with hard data; driven from massively scaled databases.

Optimisation resources:
bullet within monetisation options across keywords, page layouts and other variables;
bullet traffic routing and cross fertilisation across monetisation options;
bullet automated, or targeted programs (e.g., preparing for sale).

Tailored programs:
For larger portfolios we will consider tailored programs that involves specific analysis.
These can include:
bullet customised reporting (eg. for investors or lenders);
bullet exposing granular data and benchmarks to better understand domain performance;
bullet bespoke domain management and analytic programs.

During the recent industry downturn we have found that a customised ParkLogic report has assisted domain owners in reporting performance challenges to both investors and lenders by providing them with confidence that everything is being done that can be done to a portfolio.