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sitesyndicatorSite Syndicator is Parklogic’s answer to moving domains away from a parked page and into a content driven developed site. 

We all know that in order for a site to get indexed then it really does need original content. Well, this is where the beauty of Site Syndicator steps in and does this mammoth task for you. With over 600,000 edited articles in over 1,000 verticals you will not have to worry about there being a shortage of content. The best part is that number is growing everyday.

This means that for domains that currently have little or no traffic; they will then have the prospect of building a traffic base over time. It also means that for domains that don’t convert well in parking; will now have the opportunity to be fully fledged sites with the targeted content and advertising.

It is for both of these two reasons that we know you will become as excited about Site Syndicator as we are. What it will do for the long tail of a portfolio is absolute wonders.